Back when I was in junior high school, if you wanted to wear the popular clothing, you needed to wear something designed by Tommy Hilfiger. His clothing designs always seemed slightly different than the other brands, and he had a nice logo. And while I owned my fair share of Tommy Hilfiger clothing back in the day, I haven’t really owned anything of his since then. To be honest, I haven’t seen much of his clothing in the stores. (Though I do probably tend to shop in different parts of the store now). Hilfiger is making the fashion news now, though, for some new jackets that he has designed which will do a few things: they’ll keep you warm, they’ll allow you to be stylish, and they’ll charge your smartphone.

These Tommy Hilfiger Solar Jackets Charge Your Phone

Using specialized solar panels on the back of the jackets, they will store enough of the sun’s rays to charge your phone up to four times per charge. (You can also plug in the jacket’s battery source if you don’t want to stay out in the sun for however long it takes to get a full charge). They have a hidden cable running through one of the pockets that allows you to plug in a USB cord (or two of them if you’re brave). Hilfiger has teamed up with Pvilion – a well known manufacturer in the solar industry – to get these jackets off the ground.

While I really like the idea of these jackets, I’m not so crazy about the price – $599 a piece. And, in case you’re curious, there’s a men/women’s version, and you can snap the solar panels on and off of the back of the jackets.

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[Image via Digital Trends]