I don’t own a drone (I wish I did), but I can imagine just how tempting it would be to film anything and everything, including animals in their natural habitats. A drone offers the possibility to capture all kinds of footage not possible with handheld cameras. After all, there are a lot of animals you wouldn’t want to get all that up close and personal with – but with a drone, the problem is solved! Well, sort of, anyway… A new video has surfaced which shows a group of kangaroos in their natural habitat in Australia, and the video is proof positive that kangaroos, while insanely cute, are no fans of drones.

Watch This Kangaroo Knock A Drone Out Of The Sky

If you’ve been down lately and need an animal-destroying-drone video to help cheer you up, you need to look no further than this gem:

Kangaroo: 1 Drone: 0.

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[Image via NY Post]