The good ol’ people of New York City want to make it simpler for the users of the fair city to make it even easier to pay for their near 10 million annual parking tickets fines. The city is currently accepting peoples pitches for different payment systems that would make use of the advantages of mobile technology. This would also encompass new tech like Apple Pay and virtual currently, bitcoin. The city of New York already has an online payment system that is in place, but it doesn’t work via mobile devices, as The Wall Street Journal notes.

Obviously there are a number of guidelines that are available (PDF), however, so please don’t think you can get all crazy with your entry submission.

It is worth mentioning however, that the system must be able to support payment of tickets that have been given out but not yet processed (“windshield tickets”). The interface should be both aesthetically pleasing and it should also come at “no or minimal” cost to the city of New York and its inhabitants.

The official request for information document is also very stern in the fact that they would like the solution to be simple, and proposes the ability to take a picture of a ticket or scan its barcode to begin the payment process, in a similar fashion to the way TicketZen works. again, this is all still in its very early stages, but if you are interested in helping out then you have got until January 15th for your submissions.

[Image via en.bitcoin]