I was all kinds of excited to update my iPhone to iOS 8 the day it was finally released over the air. So, when my phone finally told me the update was available for download, I immediately tried to download it but was met with a problem. The problem? I had to have 5 GB of available storage to even download iOS 8, and when I only supposedly have 16 GB of total space on my phone in the first place, that’s not a small problem. I deleted almost every app, song, and picture I could in an attempt to free up some precious space, and after much finagling I was finally able to free up at least 5 GB, and it installed fairly seamlessly. (I say “fairly” because the update took somewhere short of 3 hours, but other than the time factor I had no other major issues). Besides how much space it takes to even install iOS 8 on an iDevice, a new lawsuit aimed at Apple claims that the operating system can take up to 23.1% of the total available memory on iPhones, iPads, etc., which can turn into a major headache fairly quickly down the road when storage space begins to run out.

Apple Sued Over iOS 8 Storage Space

To be honest, all operating systems take up some percentage of a device’s memory – there’s really no way around that fact. The problem with iOS 8, the lawsuit claims, is that it takes up so much storage space that users have little choice but to purchase more storage space from Apple’s iCloud service, which could turn into a pretty good deal for Apple at the end of the day, and not so good of a deal for the average user. As of this writing, I’ve not seen an official Apple comment regarding the lawsuit.

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[Image via SDTimes]