I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am a big Star Wars fan. I loved the original trilogy, I enjoyed the prequels (though not as much as the original movies), I owned an army of the action figures, armed myself with more than a few fake lightsabers, and to this day I still sometimes pretend I’m using the force when I walk through an automatic door. Old habits die hard, I guess. One thing I never had when I was growing up, though? A Death Star in my backyard – and I bet you didn’t either. But we both can now, thanks to a very creative 84-year-old man from New Mexico who excels at making custom fire pits. He originally designed the Star Wars fire pit for his granddaughter, but it proved too popular of a design solely for her, and he is now selling it on Etsy. This thing seriously looks just like the Death Star exploding when there’s a fire raging inside of it.

Check Out This Death Star Fire Pit!

Impressive…most impressive

If I had the Death Star in my backyard, I think I’d be wanting to light that thing up every night; the only problem is I can’t afford it. It costs $1600 on top of $300-600 for shipping in the United States. But, if I could easily afford it, I’d definitely find a home for that iconic piece of steel.

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