We all like a feel good story, right? This has to be one of the best pieces of news that I have come across recently. We all make money in order to survive, with some making more than others. Each person in their own right can do whatever they want to with their profits. Joe Riquelme, a developer for the iOS platform was more generous than most in this regard. Not only did he use his profits for good, but he gave back to the people who cared for and raised him.

Joe Riquelme is the developer of the iOS app known as Videoshop. Over the time that the app has been available, Riquelme has managed to earn enough from this particular application in order to pay off his parents’ mortgage.

The Videoshop app is a video editor for your iOS clips. With Videoshop, you are able to add music to your videos, edit some parts of the recorded footage in fast or slow motion. You can include sound effects. If you really want to you can add explosions and other sound effects. You can even edit footage together from other clips and combine videos.

With the Videoshop app’s success, Joe Riquelme has managed to gift his parents a truly wonderful present. As the Beatles sang, ‘money can’t me love’ and that is very true.  It can however, pay off one of the biggest debts a person will ever have.

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SOURCE: http://www.ubergizmo.com/2014/12/app-developer-pays-off-parents-mortgage