I don’t know where you stand on the whole “Bigfoot” debate, whether you are a firm believer or a staunch naysayer, but one thing’s for sure: sometimes, people see things that can’t easily be explained. Sure, there have been all kinds of Bigfoot hoaxes in the past, anyone would be quick to admit that unfortunate problem – but there are also some legitimate photos and sightings that make you scratch your head in wonder. A few days ago, on January 1st of this new year, a traffic camera in Arizona captured some interesting footage, and it appears to show 3 beasts getting ready to cross the highway. And, since it’s the Arizona Department of Transportation reporting these photographs and not some random Bigfoot fanatic, it seems to lend the photo(s) a little more credibility than it otherwise would, at least in my mind. Still, you’ll have to have a look at the photos and ultimately decide for yourself what it is (or isn’t) you’re looking at – but it is something.

Here’s what the Arizona D.O.T. posted on their Facebook page: “We might have spotted a family of sasquatches on SR 260 near Heber this afternoon. What do you think?” Anytime you post something like that, it’s bound to get all kinds of attention. Have a look at the photo yourself:

Did Arizona Highway Cameras Film A Bigfoot Group?

Who knew traffic cameras would end up being useful for so much more than helping issue traffic tickets?

I’ll echo the question Arizona’s D.O.T. asked: what do you think? Is it a Bigfoot group or something else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

[Image via Fox13now]