It’s really sad I’m even writing a post about this sort of thing, but apparently it needs to be done. You probably heard something about the PlayStation (PSN) and Xbox Live network outages that happened on Christmas day last week. (Just in case you had more important things going on over Christmas, both game networks went down for extended periods of time and it might’ve been the result of hacking). Apparently this was a pretty big deal, and a lot of people wanted to game it up on the big day. One kid was so upset/worried about the issue that he called 911 about it to see if they had any tips. (Here’s a tidbit: they don’t care, and they have way more important things to worry about than whether or not you can play Call of Duty with your friend down the street).

Here’s a transcript of the actual call, which I still find hard to believe:

Don't Call The Police When PlayStation Network Goes Down

I’ve heard of some pretty dumb reasons for calling 911 in the past before, but this one has to just about top the list.

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[Image via Gamefront]

SOURCE: Gamespot