I don’t know if you remember last year when Facebook faced all kinds of criticism for allowing actual video footage of beheadings to be on the site, but it was definitely not a good time for the social media giant. While one side of people said that while obviously violent and repulsive, the footage should be shown because it was actually happening in the world, while others thought the videos should be removed completely, or at the very least to be removed from the pages of users who were under 18 years of age. Well, that debate is still raging on, but Facebook has actually taken some steps to help younger users avoid seeing things they might not yet be ready to see.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed how most videos in your Facebook News Feed play automatically when you scroll past them. That will no longer be the case for videos that are considered violent or offensive. They have also added warnings/content advisories to any videos which meet those criteria for adults as well that will display whenever the play button is pushed. And in a move that some will love and others will hate, they’ve restricted the violent videos for anyone who’s under 18 years old. (Obviously, some people are less than honest when it comes to giving their correct age, but that’s another post for another day).

Facebook Starting To Restrict Violent Videos

What do you think? Do you feel Facebook is doing enough, or do you feel they should leave the videos alone and not worry about who sees them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

[Image via TheDrum]