I’ll go ahead and admit it here – I’m really excited to see what Disney’s going to do with the Star Wars films. Oh, I have my concerns and all, but for the most part, I’m still a kid at heart and can’t wait to see lightsabers on screen again. (Even if they do look a bit like old-school swords this go-round). I don’t know everything about the new movie – in fact, I know next to nothing. I’ve seen the trailer, like millions of other people, but that’s about it. Oh yeah – I’ve also seen a picture of Han Solo’s ride as it will be seen in The Force Awakens. The photo, which is going to grace the cover of Forbes magazine, has also been making the rounds over the internet. It’s a photo of the Disney CEO Bob Iger, and it features him standing in front of what is arguably the most famous spacecraft in the world – the Millennium Falcon. (Ok, he was in London and the final version of the Falcon was added/touched up by The Force Awakens visual arts director, but hey, it’s still an awesome photo and gives fans a glimpse of what they have in store in December of 2015).

Here's The Millennium Falcon From Star Wars VII

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[Image via Fortune]