HP have come on leaps and bounds in the VR world. Take for instance the HP Zvr Virtual Reality Display. It allows you to experience the ‘feel’ of 3D objects as you manipulate them in real time in front of you. HP’s Zvr Virtual Reality Display is going to be sold either with or without paired computer hardware. The device allows you to view stereoscopic 3D content using included glasses and then manipulate items that appear in front of you using the included laser-pointing stylus. The display size is 23.6in and it gives out a 1080p image into each eye from the 1920×1080 screen.

The Zvr gives the user a VR sensation with four infrared cameras, which correspond with five tracking markers on the glasses. These allow the user to rotate and with the digital objects easily. In addition, the stylus has a motor that pulses as you manipulate objects , thereby adding another dimension to the experience.

HP envisions this device in an educational setting. It will let students learn in a more tactile manner, and also HP hopes it will work  in professional fields, such as architecture and science. The Zvr is another unique PC experience which is far from the usual consumer target that HP is known for. The pricing structure for the device is not yet known, but HP’s partner zSpace was showcasing this same technology in 2013 (video above) albeit in a slightly different format, for US$4000.

HP also unveiled their first 5K screen. The HP Z27q offers 5120×2880 resolution on a 27in IPS screen, and is going to retail for US$1299 (about £850) in March. HP also has a pair of new 4K displays: the 27in Z27s, arriving in anytime soon for US$749 (about £490), and the 23.8in Z24s, which launches globally from April for US$549 (about £360). Both run at 3840×2160.

[Image via digitaltrends]

SOURCE: http://www.stuff.tv/hp/ces-2015/ces-2015-hp-s-virtual-reality-display-lets-you-interact-3d-content-using-pulsing-laser-p