Apple’s is still the king of the holidays when it comes to tech gadgets, accounting for 51 percent of all mobile and tablet activations on Christmas Day, according to mobile analytics firm Flurry. Even with the rather lackluster 2014 for the iPad, Apple has managed another two quarters of record sales with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple did not offer steep discounts on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but 2014 marked the first year the iPhone was on sale during the holidays, which may have added more sales to Q4.


Samsung came second in activations with 17.7 percent over the holidays, showing the lackluster performance of Samsung over 2014. Surprisingly, Microsoft’s Lumia devices came in third with 5.8 percent share over the holiday season, showing real signs of growth in the U.S., even without a major flagship. Flurry does not confirm if Surface Pro 3 sales were included in the Lumia activations. This would explain the large growth of the Lumia platform in 2014, considering most polls show a decline in growth for Windows Phone.

Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo all hit less than 1 percent, but Flurry puts that down to Christmas Day not being a time of gift-giving in Asia. Flurry also gains less data from the East, focusing mainly on the West.

The mobile market continued to grow throughout 2014, despite inclinations it would slow. Xiaomi has been a large part of the growth in the mobile industry, alongside India becoming a major mobile consumer.

Tablets did not have the same easy ride through 2014, Apple’s iPads are on four straight months of decline, and other tablet manufacturers are facing similar dips. Microsoft and Samsung noted small growth in the tablet sector, alongside other Windows 8 providers.

Image Credit: JK