Kim Dotcom might be bankrupt, but that hasn’t stopped him launch the new MegaChat service, an end-to-end encrypted messaging platform to compete with Skype.


Going under the ‘Mega’ brand, Dotcom claimed MegaChat would be much safer than Skype due to servers being based outside the U.S., alongside end-to-end encryption and other safety tools.

Users will be able to load it in the web browser, and it offers audio and video chat. MegaChat is currently in open beta, and Dotcom announced over half a million video calls were made in the first hour.

In the beta test, Dotcom’s team will work on encryption and any bugs, alongside bringing text and video conferences to MegaChat. There is no clear date for official launch, or the addition of the other features.

Users will need a Mega account to access the chat service, and it looks like Mega will become the backbone of all future web services made by Dotcom’s team in New Zealand.

Mega, the file sharing service, is currently losing money. The service offers 50GB of free cloud storage and excellent value for money, but this does not translate to an excellent high-profit business, sadly.

However, if MegaChat has some new functionality to generate revenue, it might quickly become the service of choice for people worried about surveillance on the internet.

If Dotcom continues to launch these type of products as well, it might fit nicely into a business suite of services for a price per month, something Dotcom could think about launching in the next year.

Dotcom has pushed for less surveillance across the world and even launched the Internet Party in New Zealand. He is still facing legal action from the U.S., who are trying to extradite him to America to face charges of infringement, for his file sharing site MegaUpload.