For being one of the largest cities in the United States, Los Angeles is sure behind the times in one area: Having WiFi and cellular service in the subway. That’s right – if you’re riding the subway and need to make a call you’re out of luck. Riding the subway and need to write a last-second email or check your Facebook Newsfeed? Again, you’re out of luck. Or, on a much more serious note, in the event of an emergency, there’s really no way to even dial 911 from your cell phone, and that is an actual problem. It’s a problem that Los Angeles is beginning to tackle seriously, and within the next two years the city plans to equip most (if not all) of their subway routes with WiFi as well as cellular phone signals.

LA Is Getting WiFi & Cell Service In The Subway

The Red Line will be getting the first round of upgrades, with WiFi first and then a cell signal later.

It’s a bit surprising to me that while other cities have upgraded their subways, Los Angeles has basically remained stagnant when it comes to modernizing. You’d think a city that size with loads of people having smartphones and riding the subway every day would have already upgraded, but what do I know? At least they’re taking the initiative to do it now.

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[Image via WSJ]

SOURCE: Engadget