Man, this is just a crazy week when it comes to people wanting to illegally get their hands on iPhones. Earlier in the week, Techbeat reported about a group of 3 men who tunneled into an iPhone warehouse in Beijing where they ended up stealing 240 brand new iPhone 6 smartphones. While they were successful in the initial theft of the phones, the serial numbers on them eventually led police to the thieves where they were able to arrest the men. While that was obviously a crazy true story, another incident just might take the cake when it comes to daring attempts to make a lot of money at Apple’s expense.

A Hong Kong man was recently arrested at the Chinese border while wearing a bodysuit made up of new iPhones – 94 of them in total. He had them attached to him in just about every conceivable location you can imagine, including: his chest, his crotch, his thighs, as well as several on his calves. In case you’re wondering how he was able to manage this fashionable feat, he used a combination of plastic bags and masking tape to make the phones stick.  The Chinese police were alerted to the individual after they noticed he was walking a bit stiffly. One can only imagine just how limited a person’s mobility would be with that many iPhones attached to their body – at least none of them rang while he was walking, as it wouldn’t have been fun to try and answer the right phone.

Man Straps 94 iPhones To Body To Smuggle Them Into China

It seems that trying to smuggle stolen iPhones into China is incredibly popular these days, but these extreme cases aren’t seen just every other day. In fact, this marks the first time I’ve seen someone completely outfitted in Apple wear. Maybe this’ll start a new trend for them!

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[Image via EliteDaily]

SOURCE: Yahoo Tech