AnyDesk is a popular Remote Desktop application that uses a new video codec, which is specifically designed for fresh looking graphical user interfaces. AnyDesk software is versatile, secure and lightweight. The software uses TLS1.2 encryption and both ends of the connection are cryptographically verified. AnyDesk is very lightweight and is crammed into a 1MB file and no administrative privileges or installation is required. The UI of AnyDesk is really simple and easy to navigate.


With AnyDesk you can use your personal computer from anywhere. Your perso­nalized AnyDesk-ID is the key to your Desk­top, with all your applications, docu­ments and photos. Most importantly, your data stays where it belongs-on your hard drive and nowhere else.

The following updates have been undertaken in this latest version of AnyDesk:

New Features

  • Added interactive access modes. AnyDesk can now be configured to accept no connection requests.
  • Improved mouse behaviour when the cursor leaves the AnyDesk window while a mouse key is pressed.
  • If the remote desktop becomes inaccessible due to insufficient rights, a message is displayed.
  • Using the mirror driver can now be forced for non-server-systems which are too slow without mirror driver.
  • It is now possible to add firewall exceptions for AnyDesk by using the hostname “relay-*”.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed IPC error in the portable version when the path of the executable contains unicode characters.
  • Fixed crash when double-clicking on a tab in the options dialog.
  • The portable version is now able to automatically control system processes when started on systems with UAC disabled.
  • Improved process startup handling to prevent IPC errors.
  • Connections to AnyDesk could result in desk_rt_ipc_error when AnyDesk was started from a network drive.
  • On some systems with unusual system path configuration AnyDesk did not start at all. Fixed.
  • In some circumstances AnyDesk did not quit correctly while the renderer was busy.
  • Fixed graphics glitches which occurred when coming from a secure desktop with access denied.
  • Sometimes, switching the monitor could cause graphics problems.

You can download AnyDesk from, Today.

[Image via FileHippo]