The news regarding Google Glass has stagnated at the moment. Nobody has been attacked in a bar for wearing them or nobody has been ordered by staff to remove them from the cinema. Well, when I say ‘no one’ I mean sure, there could have been some people which have had those things happen to them, but none of which have been truly noteworthy. So, it comes as a surprise to see a hospital in the US is geared up to use Google Glass to enable new mothers to stay in contact with their newborn babies even after the infants have been moved to the intensive care unit (ICU).

This new experiment is going to be conducted at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston this week. As reported by Glass Almanac; the leading website for Google Glass enthusiasts. The suggestion for the test was debated by the hospital’s nurse Stephanie Shine, when her baby remained in newborn ICU for 101 days. In the US, hundreds of babies need to be separated from their mothers after birth because one or both of them needs immediate medical care.

During the experiment, a participant visiting the ICU will wear Google Glass and then the images they see will stream live to a tablet computer that the mother will hold.

This system will allow the mothers to hear the nurses talking about her baby and ask questions, as if the child were physically in the room. This new experiment is aiming to find out if using Google Glass can help relieve the stress that a mother feels when she is separated from her newborn child. 

“You should be the most important person in your baby’s life, but suddenly, you’re not involved. I want to take this super-high-tech device and capture what could be thought of as one of the strongest and basic human connections there is,” Shine said.

[Image via en.wikipedia]