Growing up, I really enjoyed watching ice hockey. I’m sure this was due in part to a cousin’s obsession with the sport and all-things hockey, but the more I watched it the more I wanted to be out there on the ice. Alas – the closest I ever got was the ice-skating rink and the occasional video game shootout. Oh, I went to some games here and there, and while they were great and all, I couldn’t really see everything that was happening on the ice. Sure, there was the screen that showed all the big plays, but it couldn’t show everything. I wanted to see the little plays as well as the big plays. (I mainly wanted to see what happened to get all the fights started). Now, thankfully, my wish is coming true, as some NHL players are getting outfitted with GoPro cameras on their helmets to capture never before seen shots of the game. It started with this weekend’s All-Star Game, but it’ll continue into the rest of the season.

NHL Players Are Getting Fitted With GoPro Cameras

Imagine all of the close-up action you’ll be able to see thanks to these HD cameras – all the facial expressions, the emotions, the fights, everyone getting slammed into the boards – we’ll be able to see aspects of the game closer than ever before, and that’s exciting!

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[Image via Locker Dome]

SOURCE: Yahoo Tech