Google might be porting another Android feature to Chrome OS in the next update, this time the virtual assistant, which responds to ‘Ok Google’ commands.

François Beaufort announced the feature would be coming to the experimental version of the Chromium project, and will be further tested before an official rollout to Chromebooks.

Ok Google

In the blog post, Beaufort says: “Try out the experimental new version of the ‘Ok Google’ experience by toggling the chrome://flags/#enable-hotword-hardware flag. Restart your device, go to Chrome OS Settings and check ‘Enable “Ok Google’ to start a voice search” to train your device to respond to the sound of your voice by saying three times ‘Ok Google’.”

Chromebooks are fast becoming the educational choice in the U.S. and Europe, meaning a virtual assistant could help students organize their daily lives, and remind them of important events.

The feature also comes just days after the Windows 10 Build 9901 was leaked, showing Windows Phone virtual assistant Cortana on the desktop platform. Microsoft is integrating the assistant into all Windows platforms in 2015.

The relationship between Chrome OS and Android still seems skewered, even though with Sundar Pichai running both teams, it should be smooth and potentially working together to create one platform for desktop and mobile.

However, the current focus is on porting certain features from Android to Chrome OS, but not giving anything back to Android. It’s an odd relationship, but that is not uncommon for Google teams.

Image Credit: 4Cast