Microsoft and Sony have been at each other’s throats in the console wars for many a year now and the rivalry doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon.  I have owned both Playstation and Xbox consoles and have liked and disliked certain aspects of both systems.  I have always thought that it would be cool to combine the two consoles and have one unique system.  But I’m the first to admit that modding things just isn’t my thing.

It’s a good job for people like Ed Zarick then. He has just spent around a month of time tinkering and engineering to come up with the PlayBox. As you may have guessed, it combines both a PS4 and Xbox One in one casing, complete with an built in 22” full HD monitor.

Obviously it would be no point to have both consoles power on simultaneously, so only one console can be powered at any one time. The unit is built with a switch on the back to alternate between the two platforms.

“This system took a lot of attempts and reconfiguring to make everything fit and still some things had to be compromised to make the system work. For example, it was impossible to get the USB ports on the Xbox to be extended to the outside of the case”, said Zarick.

The unique amalgam also offers Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi for both of the consoles, along with HDMI Out if you still want to output to a big-screen for gaming.

This particular unit is a one-off build for a customer of Zarick’s. But if you are genuinely interested in purchasing one for yourself, Ed is open to requests. He has said though, it’ll cost “substantially more” than his other modding creations: the Xbook Duo, Playbook 4 and Xbook One.

The Playbook 4 and Xbook One start from US$1,195 and that doesn’t include the consoles; you provide your own. It’s not a cheap gadget to have, but for the gamer who has everything, it could be worth a look.

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