With the amount of crime and unpredictability in the world around us, concern for personal safety seems to be at an all-time high, especially for those who work in the law enforcement field. Of course bullet proof vests, etc. already exist to protect the body from bullets, but what about the head? Ballistic helmets are an option, but those are really only viable in certain situations – people certainly wouldn’t want to wear one around on their head all day while going about their daily routine. That’s where a product like the BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap comes in – it’s a surprisingly normal-looking baseball cap that’s more than capable of stopping a bullet. Baseball caps aren’t obtrusive to wear, and that’s the whole idea behind the bulletproof cap – comfortability mixed with protection. BulletSafe is already in the bullet proof vest business, so hats don’t seem to be all that much of a stretch for them.

Protect Your Head With A BulletSafe Baseball Cap

While the hat is designed to completely stop a bullet, it’ll only stop one when if/when it hits the forehead area; maybe future updates will protect the sides and rear of the head, but something tells me that’ll make it go up in price. (But really, how much is too much to pay for protection from bullets?) While this product will most likely find its niche with law enforcement individuals, it’s available for anyone.

The BulletSafe Baseball Cap is currently gathering funds on Kickstarter, and you can grab one for a $99 pledge until that deal runs out.

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[Image via Kickstarter]

SOURCE: Yahoo Tech