Snapchat has faced all kinds of controversy in the past year, not the least of which being when users of the photo-sharing service were hacked through a third party client and all kinds of pictures of underage teenagers were released on the internet. Even more recently, the popular app has been named in connection with the murder of a teenager from South Carolina. In a world where people are killed over nothing, this is especially sad to hear, but it’s unfortunately not the first time someone has seen something on social media they didn’t like and decided to kill another person as a result. This story revolves around teenagers and the drama that so often accompanies adolescence.

A teenager was visiting his girlfriend at her house when her phone allegedly received a Snapchat message from another boy. The boyfriend didn’t like the fact that another guy was Snapchatting his girlfriend, and he decided to respond to the message, essentially telling his rival that he’d kill him if he came over to the house. Sadly, the other guy decided to come over anyway, they got into a fight, and the boyfriend ended up stabbing him in the torso with a knife. He later died as a result of the injury.

Teen Murdered Over Snapchat Message

The boyfriend, who is only 16-years-old, was arrested and will stand trial as an adult for the murder. So, let’s get this straight – one boy’s life is completely over, and another’s might just as well be, all because of a Snapchat message. Snapchat of course isn’t at fault for this tragedy, but it just goes to show that some people are willing to take a life over something so small, and it’s incredibly sad. Unfortunately, it’s the world we live in. Be wary of what you put out there.

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SOURCE: Yahoo Tech