How far would you go to get your hands on a few iPhone 6’s? Would you maybe work a few extra shifts to get Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone? Would you just bite the bullet and sign up for another 2-year contract (or installment plan, whatever you want to call it – they’re all basically different names for the same thing). Or, maybe you’d try something slightly more daring and illegal, such as digging a tunnel into an iPhone 6 warehouse in China. After all, who wants to obtain something legally when doing it illegally is filled with so much more mystery and suspense? (Please read the sarcasm in my words). You may think the tunneling example is a bit extreme, but it’s exactly what recently happened in China when some men decided they wanted to relieve China of some of their iPhones without the hassle of standing in line or signing up for new terms of servive. (Indeed, China may have more than a few iPhones to spare as it seems like they’re selling more of them there than anywhere else, at least Business Insider seems to think so, but that’s clearly beside the point). The point is a group of thieves were willing to go to extreme measures to steal iPhone 6’s, and while they were successful at first, their success didn’t last. (Remember that, if you or someone you know happens to be inspired by these antics).

Thieves Arrested For Tunneling Into iPhone 6 Warehouse

On the dates of December 12th and 13th of 2014, three men apparently dug a tunnel into an iPhone warehouse in Beijing. The hole was approximately 50 centimeters in diameter, and while not huge, it turned out to be a big enough opening to let them lift 240 iPhone 6’s from the facility which were reportedly worth about $228,496. They knew about the layout of the building as one of them used to be a driver who frequented it.

Not surprisingly, the thieves are reported to have spent the money on cars, gambling, and the like. It didn’t end so well for them, though, as they ended up getting arrested a couple of weeks after they pulled off their big heist. It turns out the police were able to use the serial numbers on the stolen phones to lead them back to the criminals, who are clearly no longer riding the rails of their success, and will most likely have ample time to plan their next undertaking.

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SOURCE: Yahoo Tech