If small is beautiful, then Israeli PC manufacturer CompuLab Ltd is about to release an absolute stunner. The trend for smaller and smaller computers is now embracing fan-less systems, leaving us with a very small, very quiet little box that does more than we used to expect from a noisy box the size of a suitcase.


Following on from three lines of Fitlet PCs, Compulabs has announced the smallest MintBox so far, and what’s more, it runs Linux. Mintbox Mini is 10.8cm wide, 8.3cm deep and just 2.4 cm high, has a nifty quad core processor, solid state storage and is as quiet as a Wednesday afternoon in Fleetwood. The planned price when it’s released in the US in a couple of months is $295, making it a tempting purchase for Linux geeks.

The Mintbox Mini avoids using traditional methods of cooling by combining efficient chip sets with passive cooling, reports say it can get a little warm, but then so does every fan cooled PC ever made, at least this one does it without sounding like a Harrier Jump Jet taking off.

Specifications show an AMD A4 6400T processor, a Radeon R3 GPU, 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and 64 GB of solid state storage. It’s tiny case holds three USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0, a microSD reader, an audio jack and two HDMI ports. Impressive given the size of the little chap.

Crucially, it will run Linux Mint 17.1 MATE 64-bit edition OS in OEM mode out of the box, with a percentage of all sales going to Linux.

So why would you want your PC to be very small and very quiet? Well imagine a PC that fits in your pocket, is completely silent, and is powerful enough to do Web browsing, video playback and run office applications. Forget solid state hard drives for carrying your information around on so you can plug them into someone else’s laptop or PC, this is an entire system that is robust, portable, silent and runs Linux. Why wouldn’t you want one?

[Image via Russ Payne]

SOURCE: Compulab