Ubisoft changed the formula on Far Cry 3, going from a rather serious first-person shooter to a playground full of new and weird characters and weapons. Far Cry 4 continued the trend of wacky characters and a different setting, but for the next installment Ubisoft is asking the fans what they want to see.

The new questionnaire offers a broad range of settings, including a setting where the player can join or fight vampires; a Mad Max style apocalypse or a modern day setting on a Jurassic Park island. Ubisoft Montreal had other places in mind, including the Vietnam War, Peru and Alaska. The former would most likely take a more serious role like Far Cry 2, if it was following the Vietnam War.

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Even though it is unclear if Ubisoft will use the information on Far Cry 5, it is clear the management are keeping an open mind on setting and future stories for the Far Cry series.

The bulk of the work for Far Cry 4 was done before Far Cry 3 launched, and we expect the same will be done for Far Cry 5, meaning it is unlikely any of the feedback will be used in the next title. Hopefully, Ubisoft does not use this excitement on multiple settings to bring out one new Far Cry game per year, all running on the same engine, with the same weapons and mechanics, since it is already starting to become a dry formula.

Interestingly, Ubisoft has not sent out any questionnaires on Assassin’s Creed and where users want that series to go, which would seem like the most in need of a big refresh, following the failure of Assassin’s Creed: Unity.