While I’m no “Trekkie”, I have watched my fair share of Star Trek. I loved the space-travel, the Enterprise, but most of all, I thought the phasers were awesome. They reminded me of the future, yes, but they also reminded me of something out of the past, like, something out of a western. As a kid, I sort of viewed them as space’s version of the Colt .45 pistol worn on the hip and used by cowboys and gunfighters, only instead of bullets they shot lasers. And I wanted to have one. Oh, I had some kind of transforming toy that morphed from spaceship to phaser, but it wasn’t the same. I wanted to own a real-life, authentic phaser. Unfortunately, that was all but impossible all those years ago. But now it’s not so impossible, and for a limited time, you can own your very own authentic Star Trek phaser; you just have to have a whole lot of money at your disposal.

"Used" Star Trek Phaser Going Up For Auction

Of course when I say “authentic”, I don’t mean “working”. (Unfortunately as far as I know that’s still on the impossible side of things). What I mean by authentic is that you can own a piece of television history – an actual phaser used in an actual episode of Star Trek, specifically an episode from 1968 entitled Assignment: Earth. It’s going up for auction through Propworx beginning on February 21st. Before you get too excited though, you should know that the starting bid is set at $40,000, and it’s expected to reach upwards of $60,000. If you have the money though, and are a big enough Star Trek fan, why not?

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[Image via CultofMac]