Well, it turns out it’s not just happening at Walmart. Sadly, another retail shopper has had a bad experience when buying a PS4. (And by “bad experience”, I mean that the shopper didn’t get anything close to what they were attempting to purchase). Last week, Techbeat reported that a man in Colorado had bought a PS4 from a local Walmart store and was shocked to find the box was filled with…rocks of all things. Now, a woman from California  says almost the same thing happened to her, except it was a Target store instead of Walmart, and instead of rocks, the box was filled with Bibles. She’d bought it as a Christmas gift for her boyfriend, who decided he’d rather have the PS4 over the Bibles (unless Jesus had autographed them, he said).

Woman Buys PS4 From Target & Gets A Box Of Bibles

As a result, the woman, Sandra Ortiz, decided to return the gift to Target, fully expecting the store to laugh her back out the door. Thankfully, they accepted the return and gave her a new PS4, which I’m hoping contained an actual Sony console.

Let’s hope stories like these will encourage those who work behind the return desk to actually look inside of packages before they decide to issue a refund or allow an exchange. And, to the customer – please look inside the package before you leave the store – just to make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for. It’s sad, but it’s also necessary.

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[Image via PS4 Daily]