Stealing is bad. Which ever way you chop it up and change it around, the fundamental act of theft is wrong. Stealing from your employer is also really bad. The law in some countries, state that theft from your employer also carries the heavier issue of breach of employers’ trust. Being found guilty of the latter can carry prison sentences of up to five years! That’s just for being found guilty of breaching your employers trust, if you add onto it theft of goods, of which the victim could ask for the maximum penalty, then stealing something could soon spiral out of control and end up ruining your life.

Even with the massive legal implications hanging over a person, like some ‘grim reaper,’ stealing from work occurs in every single country on the planet.  This could range from taking an eraser home from the office or movie piracy. What about stealing $700,000 from your employer?  A few ‘clever’ Apple Store employees tried it. 

The scam involved four employees and a dental office receptionist. In the end, they have all been indicted by the district attorney for an Apple-related scheme, which eventually saw them deceive Barclays Bank of $700,000. The case basically involved the dental receptionist stealing some patient information, which was then used to confirm online credit from Barclays Bank.

The online credit was then utilised to acquire Apple gift cards. These cards, in turn, were then used to buy Apple products.  Complex? Yes. Clever? No. One of the people who allegedly organised the scam is Devin Bazile, a 30-year old. He could face up to 54 years in jail if found guilty of the crime.

A company like Apple would probably press for the maximum sentencing in a case like this, but who knows, maybe they will be lenient?

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SOURCE: Ubergizmo