If you happened to buy a certain MacBook Pro between February 2011 and December 2013, you may be eligible to have Apple repair it for free due to a problem dealing with video playback. Apple has revealed that certain MacBook Pro models between those years have some hardware problems that may cause videos to be distorted or to not play at all. They’ve stated the malfunction can also cause the MacBook to unexpectedly restart itself. If you have to stop and think if you have this problem, you most likely don’t have the problem, as you would’ve surely noticed it by now.

Apple Repairing Certain MacBooks For Free Due To Bad Video


Due to these problems which Apple claim only affects a small number of people, they’ve announced that they’re willing to repair the MacBooks for free of charge as long as there are no other issues affecting the video playback (i.e. you dumped your coffee all over the keyboard).

According to the Apple website, these models are the ones affected:

15-inch/17-inch MacBook Pros made in 2011, and

15-inch MacBook Pros (Retina) made from 2012-2013

If you’re not sure if your particular model is covered, you can always enter your serial number and use this tool to find out.

While it’s incredibly frustrating to have something wrong with your computer, at least Apple’s stepping up to do something about it. What do you think? Have you been affected?

[Image via n4gm]