In case you were wondering what magazine would be the first to advertise the Apple Watch, it turns out the answer is Vogue. With their upcoming March issue, the fashion magazine will have twelve (12!) pages of ads for Apple’s new wearable device. I’m sure all of the pages will have tons of different photos of the watch, showing off each and every part of the smartwatch. We do know they’ll advertise each of their three forthcoming watch styles, each varying in price. Apple is banking a lot of money on these Vogue ads, as it’s definitely not cheap to even run one ad in the magazine, let alone twelve of them. We’ll have to wait and see if it ends up paying off with the Vogue crowd; Apple is certainly hoping so. It appears they want to make quite the fashion statement with their smartwatch, perhaps hinting that the Apple Watch is the only “fashionable” smartwatch to own. With prices beginning around $349, the Apple Watch most certainly won’t come cheap.

Apple Watch Ads Come To Vogue Magazine

Are you at all excited about the Apple Watch, or do you think it’ll end up being Apple’s first major flop? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Image via Re/code]