Apple has scheduled a new event with the words “Spring forward” at the bottom of the invite, most likely an introduction to any new features on the Apple Watch before launch next month.


The Apple Watch was revealed in October and developers have been able to work on a less-than-ideal SDK for the smartwatch, locked out of some of the more relevant features.

This event might be a way for Apple to reveal any new features it has implemented, alongside a full disclosure on the SDK for developers to sink their teeth into the platform, before the launch in April.

Performance fixes were probably paramount for Apple during the October 2014 to March 2015 time frame, upping the battery life on the Apple Watch with software optimisation and potentially fixing any hardware bugs before mass production begins in March.

Apple will manufacture six million smartwatches for the first batch of sales in over 60 regions, including over 900,000 Apple Watch Edition units potentially raking in £3.2 billion in revenue alone.

It will go on to manufacture 30 million units according to supply chain informants in Taiwan, who claim Apple is pushing for that amount of units manufactured in 2015 alone.

This large amount of stock could backfire on Apple if the smartwatch fails to win over fans. In reference, Android Wear only managed 720,000 sales in the second half of 2014, meaning Apple wants thirty times more sales in just over half a year.

The anticipation for the Apple Watch does mean millions of people will turn up to buy the smartwatch just on principle of buying an Apple product, but the long term product use and second-generation sales will be a key indicator as to whether the wearables market is long term.