Apple is apparently scaling back from two large updates to the iOS platform this year, content with bug fixes, stability issues and an overall performance buff for users of the forthcoming iOS 9.

iphone 6 hair

Two years ago, Apple launched iOS 7 with the fully redesigned look, followed in 2014 by iOS 8 with Touch ID and later on in the year Apple Pay, two huge feature updates.

Perhaps due to the lack of software innovation in 2015, Apple will look to vastly optimise iOS 9 for mobile users. This could mean iOS 9 will run on lower-end specs, which could be good for the reported iPhone 6S Mini coming this year.

Bugs are not extremely prevalent on iOS currently, but there are one or two cases of a certain glitch that can shut down the phone. Performance bugs are quite a big issue, Apple could sort this out with extra RAM on the iPhone 6S coming later this year.

There have been some small rumors on what Apple is preparing for the next iPhone, including a “DSLR level camera”, Touch ID on the display and potentially a 3D display similar to the Amazon Fire Phone.

It is not clear which of these rumors is real, considering Apple patents and tests various ideas but does not go through with them. Apple’s motto when launching iOS 7 was “there are a thousand nos to every yes”, something iFans should remember before getting too excited on a reported feature.

Apple’s 2015 looks to be all about product diversity however, the iPhone 6S Mini, iPad Pro, 12-inch MacBook Air and Apple Watch all speak to bringing a larger catalogue of products to the store.

The company is also reportedly working on self-driving cars or Street View for Apple Maps, showing a potential new interest in making iOS and OS X services more competitive against Google’s apps.