There’s a lot of decisions that have to be made before you die, such as figuring out who’s going to get your prized possessions, where you’re going to be buried, what kind of funeral you want to have, who’s going to get what share of your estate, etc. And, perhaps more importantly, you’re also going to have to choose who you want to take over your Facebook account after you pass away. Because after all, your Facebook page is going to be so active after you’re pushing up daisies.

Choose Now Who Will Manage Your Facebook After You Die

This is something relatively new. Facebook is calling the person you choose a “legacy contact” who will look after your account. They’re not an administrator, per se, but they can do some things to the deceased’s page, such as changing the profile picture, writing a message, accepting/denying friend requests. They won’t be able to delete any posts or pictures made by the deceased, and they also won’t be able to delete the account. If you’d like to select a legacy contact for yourself, you can go to Facebook settings – security – legacy contact.

What do you think of this feature? Do you feel it’s needed or a complete waste of time?

[Image via SlashGear]