I’m not one easily surprised by what kind of technology comes out anymore; smart devices don’t really take my breath away anymore – I guess I’ve become a little too familiar with them. As a result, it takes something really special (read: outlandish) to catch me off guard – but I was caught off guard this week. You might be too. I was totally surprised when I read how Dole Japan had created the first wearable smart banana. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably asking “Why would someone ever want to wear around a banana? And even if they did wear a banana, why would it need to be smart?” But they’re serious; they actually created a smart, wearable banana. It’s even edible too.

Dole Japan Creates Wearable, Smart, & Edible Banana

They did it in conjunction with the Tokyo Marathon, and two runners will get the privilege of wearing them while running the race.

The bananas will show via LED lighting their times, heart rates, and also any encouraging social media words sent their way. To top off the banana, they’ll also have GPS on board and will connect to another device which the runner will have to carry on their person. All of the LED information will be displayed through the outer skin of the banana, which will be worn on the runner’s wrist.

In case you’re wondering how this all works, the original banana is peeled, the banana is removed and replaced with a smaller banana, an LED display is added, and the banana is stitched back up. And then, after the race is over, the banana can be eaten, though I’m not too sure I’d want to eat a banana I’d worn on my wrist for a whole marathon.

Wow; I never thought I’d write about a smart banana. I may have seen it all now.

[Image via PSFK]

SOURCE: Yahoo Tech