Exploding Kittens’ Kickstarter has ended after 30 days, earning $8.7 million and gaining the most backers in the history of the crowd-funding site with 219,382 backers.


Matthew Inman, Elan Lee and Shane Small started the campaign at $10,000, but it quickly flooded over the requested amount and in 24 hours hit 1000 percent completion.

The particular comic style of Inman, better known under his alter-ego ‘The Oatmeal’, has been a big attraction, alongside the fact the card game involves kittens, explosions and other oddities.

Exploding Kittens works a bit like Russian roulette, the exploding kitten card is death, but there are several other cards allowing the players to avoid it, including shuffling, peaking and countering.


The team has worked on adding more variety to the game with stretch goals, alongside a NFSW deck for an extra $15. The original deck costs $25, and around 200,000 are now waiting for it to arrive.

It is now the largest Kickstarter in the games section, beating the Ouya Android console, and the third largest Kickstarter overall, behind the Pebble smartwatch and Coolest cooler.

Backers should receive all of the decks by July 2015, although the huge demand may bring supply constraints. It wouldn’t be a huge shock to see the team drop schedule by a few months.

For anyone wanting to get in on the action, it doesn’t look like Exploding Kittens will be available in retail stores any time soon, Inman confirmed on a Reddit AMA that the backers would receive decks first before any retail launches.