It turns out this whole drone craze may be beneficial after all. How so? Just consider some of the things drones have allowed us to film that would’ve otherwise been impossible: Drones have helped take never-before-seen photos of the inside of a volcano while erupting, they’ve helped film movie scenes, they’ve been used to help deliver medicine to hard-to-reach places, and they’ve even helped at least one farmer to get his cows to do some pretty impressive things for the camera, such as getting them to make a gigantic smiley face. The farmer I speak of is none other than Derek Klingenberg, of Kansas, whose Youtube videos have already been watched millions of times. (His other videos feature his cows twerking among other things).

This Farmer Uses A Drone To Make "Cow Art"

In one of his newest videos, he sends a drone with a camera to the skies, while he drives a truck and has the cows follow him to certain locations in the field. He’d previously arranged their food in certain spots so that they’d resemble a smiley face from up high. You can check out the video below – beware, though, it’s almost 9 minutes long.

It’s good to see that some people out there just want to use their drones to have a little old-fashioned fun. What fun ways do you use your drone? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Image via wsoctv]