Since everything exercise related is popular right now, it was only a matter of time before someone figured out a way to take ordinary fitness items and turn them into smart devices. Simple things from my childhood are now beginning to get the smart upgrade, and it seems the world will never be the same. Today’s new smart device? The jump rope. Yes – that rope you jumped over again and again when you were a kid is getting outfitted with all kinds of bells and whistles to measure everything you ever wanted to know about your workout.

Get In Shape With This Smart Jump Rope

Dubbed Sophia, this smart jump rope has specialized sensors in its handles which connect to a smartphone app to track your activity progress. It also promises to interact with GoogleFit and iOS Health. “Sophia” is currently in a crowdfunding phase through Kickstarter.

Apart from simply just keeping track of all of your jumps, etc., Sophia will also challenge you to beat your own records in an attempt to push you as far as you can go while using the jump rope.

If you’d like to get your hands on one of these once they’re available, you can make a Kickstarter pledge of about $35.

I’ll freely admit I never thought I’d see the day when jump ropes became smarter; I mean all there is to a jump rope is a rope and 2 handles – it doesn’t hardly seem there would be anything to make smart, but I’ve been surprised before. Now I will just wait until the day when smart weights and dumbbells become available.

[Image via SlashGear]