Grand Theft Auto V is the bestselling game of all time, following a new announcement by Rockstar Games’ parent company Take Two Interactive, confirming it has shipped 45 million copies since launch.


Wii Sports technically still holds the title with 82 million sold copies, but considering Nintendo bundled the game with almost every Wii unit, it should not be counted in the same way as Grand Theft Auto V.

Super Mario Bros. held the previous record for best selling game with 40 million sales, with Mario Kart Wii and Tetris in second and third.

The announcement comes a month before Grand Theft Auto V launches on PC, after releasing on Xbox 360 and PS3 two years ago. Rockstar launched the Xbox One and PS4 version in November 2014.

The last update came on August 12, when Take Two announced 36 million copies sold. Rockstar has sold around five million copies on PS4 and 2 million copies on Xbox One, according to VGChartz.

Rockstar’s success on Grand Theft Auto V could bring more investment from Take Two, who have previously limited Rockstar’s studio hiring and work on new IP.

For the next few months, Rockstar will work on more Grand Theft Auto Online content, along with potentially new single-player DLC to bring the 45 million customers back for more.

As for Rockstar Games’ next projects, we have heard Red Dead will be a permanent franchise and should be coming sometime soon, and Creative Director Dan Houser has shown interest in a new Bully game.