When it’s my time to die, I really hope my family does something awesome to remember me; something that takes into account my hobbies and interests and the things I was passionate about in life. And I hope someone writes me one heck of an obituary – whether it’s all true or not doesn’t matter – what matters is that it makes someone do a double take and ask “Did I really just read what I thought I read?” There’s an obituary making the internet rounds right now because of its sheer awesomeness. While I know next to nothing about the deceased, I do know the cause of death on his obituary is listed as “a uppercut from Batman“. If there’s a better way to go out, I don’t know what it is.

Man Killed By Batman, His Online Obituary Claims

Stephen Merrill, from Winter Haven, Florida, recently died at the age of 31. His cause of death was unknown at the time, but apparently it’s an obituary requirement to list a cause of death, so the family had to figure out something to write. Remembering his love of comic books, Batman, and laughing, they decided to honor his memory in a pretty unique way – they decided to tell everyone that he was done in by the Dark Knight himself. Again, could there be a better way to leave the earth? (As Robin Williams asked in Patch Adams, what’s wrong with treating death with a little bit of humor?)

You can view Stephen’s entire online obituary here.

[Image via ComicBookResources]