With all the talk of Mars, we still know so little about the red planet. Even though a group of individuals are gearing up to say goodbye to Earth and begin a human colony on the planet, obviously no humans have yet to set foot on Mars; so, what we don’t know vastly outweighs what we do know. But that’s what the Mars Curiosity Rover is for, right? It has at least given us a fairly clear picture of what the surface of Mars looks like, thanks to a sort of panoramic selfie it took of itself. NASA took several photos from the Mars Rover and put them together to create one awesome panoramic picture that provides a glimpse of Mars never before seen. (It might also be the first “selfie” of the Mars Curiosity Rover.

Mars Curiosity Rover Takes Panorama Of Red Planet

Well, it definitely looks like we got the “red” part right. We’ll have to wait for more information regarding Mars until the Mars One group gets all settled.

[Image via NASA]

SOURCE: Gizmodo