If there is one thing Netflix can count on, it’s binge watchers sticking on the service for a few hours per day to watch a few too many episodes of House of Cards, Breaking Bad or Orange is the New Black.


In the case of Breaking Bad (and more recently Better Call Saul), Netflix has the new episode uploaded weekly , giving viewers enough time to head over to Reddit, Twitter and other social sites to discuss what happened and think about the next episode.

In the case of House of Cards though, there is no barrier stopping a viewer from watching it all at once. Netflix uploads the full season in one, and allows users to binge watch the full program.

Even though some find this great, there is a large amount of people in the middle who finish the entire season, then question why they didn’t wait it out and hold off from dashing through each episode without thinking about what just happened.

For those people, those that cannot help but follow the call of “Just one more episode”, Netflix should implement some type of boundary which makes us come to our senses, before its 6AM and we spent all night watching House of Cards.

It could work similar to YouTube Kids parental controls, only this time parents are the ones blocking themselves from ruining the thrill of each episode. Perhaps it would allow users to set one or two episodes per day, making it more than what traditional TV offers but still has barriers to binging.

A lot of people will say “Just stop watching”, but there is a serious case of both procrastination and delusion of time when it comes to watching a TV show, especially one that offers the same drama and edge of the seat excitement House of Cards provides.