McDonalds is making the news post Super Bowl with the announcement that they’re going to be giving away some free food for those who “Pay with Lovin'”. Just what exactly is “lovin'”? Well, according to McDonald’s, it can range from high-fives to hugs to selfies and beyond. We should’ve known selfies would soon take over the fast food world as well. This all began with their first Super Bowl commercial in eight years, and they’re trying to do their part to spread the love in the world, at least until Valentine’s Day.

Pay For Your McDonald's Food With A Selfie

Indeed, from February 2nd until February 14th, McDonald’s will let certain customers know if they’ve been randomly selected to “pay with lovin’.”

If they have been selected, they’ll have to do something loving for someone else. And, if they do it, they get free food – it’s as simple as that. There are harder ways to get something for free.

Apart from the free food, it’s unknown at this time if there’s any kind of a limit placed on just what McDonald’s will give you for free. But hey, even if it’s only a small amount of food, free is free and it’s for a good cause. I should note that this promotion is only available at certain locations.

Would you show some lovin’ if it got you some free food? (Hopefully you wouldn’t need the free food, but that’s another story). Check out McDonald’s new commercial below:

[Image via The Penny Hoarder]