The popular culture magazine, Rolling Stone, is going to open up the archives and go digital. The renowned magazine will be making selected stories from nearly 50 years of publication totally free for anybody to feast their eyes on.

This ‘new’ catalogue of Rolling Stone stories will become available through the Google Play Newsstand. This deal is a big thing for Google, and it should assist in promoting Google Play’s Newsstand sales of digital magazines and its use as a digital news reader.

It has been reported via Fast Company that three or four big stories from each issue of the famous journal will be made available in the open archives. In the future these articles will be augmented with sound and video content in 2016. All the issues of the magazine will have a presence in the digital archives and all the cover stories will be made available as well.

The Newsstand app is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. This is great news for Google, as the circulation of a wide and varied audience that will be able to access the archives will have a bigger impact on revenue.

This deal is very much a partnership to promote both brand names. Fast Company reported that Google bought “seven figures” worth of Rolling Stone advertising as part of the deal. No information has been made available on exactly how this will be used, but the outcome for both companies appears to be clear. It all about more people reading Rolling Stone and viewing Newsstand.

As well as the classic stories, interestingly Rolling Stone also intends to publish some breaking news and other daily content onto Newsstand. The archives are going to go live in Newsstand on Friday 30th January 2015 at 8PM ET.

[Image via thezombies]