If you’ve ever made the mistake of offering to help your parents out with their computer, only to realise later that this is a lifelong commitment to offer 24 hour technical support, then Google may have the answer to your prayers.

There exists a place online where Google will do the donkey work for you. They will remove the feeling of frustration that comes with explaining something slowly and carefully for the third time, and help you to maintain a healthy relationship with your parents and they will do it for free. All you have to do is visit TeachParentsTech.org.

TeachParentsTech.org is a tongue-in-cheek, although genuinely useful, webpage that Google actually started back in 2010, but it’s still there and it’s as useful as ever. It allows you, via a series of simple text and check boxes, to create a personalised digital “care package” that includes all the classic questions such as how to Copy and Paste, Re-sizing a Picture, Setting up Email and even how to get Movie Showtimes online. It even allows you to include tech support videos spelling out exactly how to do things so you don’t have to.

You choose Mum or Dad, a personal message, a topic or topics, even a customised sign off with your name and an option to say “Love”, “Good Luck” or “Keep me posted” before your name, preview the message and then send it on without actually having to explain anything yourself.

Save yourself valuable time by having this website bookmarked ready for the next email asking how you can use Google as a calculator or to spell check a document. A word of caution, don’t send the “How To Make a Video Call” tutorial unless you are ready to open the floodgates.

Now where’s the website that tells Gran how to use the DVD player?

[Image via Russ Payne]

SOURCE: http://www.TeachParentsTech.org