The drones are coming! It seems drones are creating just as many problems as they’re solving around the world. For every story about the good potentials of drone use, there seems to be another story of someone not using their brain and flying them where they shouldn’t be, like say in the yard of the White House. (That incident actually caused the White House to go into lockdown mode). Paris seems to be having a drone problem recently as well, as mysterious drones have been spotted over military buildings and other popular landmarks, including the U.S. Embassy and the Eiffel Tower, for the past couple of nights. As of right now, the police are investigating the drones, but they have no idea who’s flying them or who they belong to; obviously, they also have no idea why they’re being flown in the first place. Sightings of several drones have been reported over the past few nights.

Strange Drones Are Showing Up Over Paris At Night

And while no one has been harmed by the drones, thankfully, those in Paris would like to know what’s going on, as it’s highly illegal to fly a drone during the night time hours. (It doesn’t seem that easy to do it in the daytime, either, in case you were wondering; special permission must first be given).

A spokesperson for the government stated that while citizens shouldn’t be worried, they should still be vigilant. As more information regarding this story becomes available, we will update.

[Image via NYDailyNews]