It’s the day every teen looks forward to and the day most every parent dreads – the day when their teen becomes a legal, licensed driver. For the teen, it’s the epitome of freedom; for the parent, it’s the beginning of even more worry and anxiety. Not only do they have to worry about making sure their teen is safe behind the wheel, they also have to worry about maybe getting an extra vehicle, affording the higher insurance premiums which follow first-time drivers, and worrying about all the other drivers out there on the roads with their teen. It’s a stressful time for anyone, and that’s why Chevrolet is trying to do something about it.

With their 2016 Chevrolet Malibu they’ve added a feature which is bound to have a lot of parents excited: Teen Driver Mode. Through Chevy’s MyLink program, parents use the car’s touchscreen to set up a special pin number which registers a teen’s keyfob with the car. Once that key is registered, whenever that teen is driving, the Malibu will automatically go into “teen mode”.

2016 Chevrolet Malibu To Feature Teen Driver Mode

Teen Driver Mode will only allow the car to reach a certain maximum speed, will require the driver to wear a seat belt, and will also completely shut off the radio until said seat belt is fastened. In addition, it puts a volume restriction on the radio, and also refuses to let the driver shut off any safety features, such as the parking assist and the blind zone alert features. If that wasn’t enough, the car can also give a report to parents regarding how “safe” their teenager operated behind the wheel.

I have to admit – I think this is an awesome idea, although I can also see how it’s a bit scary at the same time.

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SOURCE: Yahoo Tech