For as long as I can remember, I’ve been enamored with the idea of a flying car. I guess it’d be safe to blame it on the Back to the Future movies, because that’s always been the image that’s popped into my head whenever I picture cars in flight. You know the part I’m talking about, right? It’s the one where Doc Brown is taking Marty McFly into the future, and they’re driving flying down an interstate in the sky – I always loved that scene and hoped against hope it would be a reality sometime in my lifetime. There have been rumors and more rumors concerning flying cars for years, and I’ll admit my hope has waned slightly. My hope is reigniting though, thanks to a recent demonstration by Aeromobil at the South by Southwest Interactive Conference.

Aeromobil: You Could Buy A Flying Car In 2017!

Aeromobil has built a working prototype of a car that can both drive down the road…and fly through the sky – and they say it should be available sometime in 2017. That’s only two years away!

Their current flying car can fly for about 435 miles on a tank of regular gasoline. It also has a limited autopilot and an automatic parachute system in the event something goes wrong. This won’t surprise anyone reading this, but this baby won’t be cheap; estimates say it will cost somewhere in the realm of hundreds of thousands of dollars. But since it’s a flying car, I’m sure there will be plenty of orders for Aeromobil to fill.

If the FAA is having so much trouble allowing the population to use drones, one can only imagine all the red tape with a flying car. Even so, it’s exciting to even consider the possibilities.

[Image via IBTimes]

SOURCE: Yahoo Tech