I’m always up for an awesome animal video, especially if it involves an animal that flies – and the ones I enjoy the most are the ones where you actually get to see as close as possible what the animal sees. I came across a video of an eagle flying over Dubai this week, and to say it’s stunning doesn’t give it near enough justice. It has a camera attached to it (I’m guessing it’s some kind of GoPro camera), and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The video shows the eagle taking flight, flying over the city, and then changing course midair to fly right back to the trainer. As you can see in the video below, there was a sizable crowd there to watch the impressive feat. Have a look for yourself below. Enjoy.

This is probably the closest we’ll ever come to soaring with an eagle, so enjoy it for all it’s worth! Isn’t it great we live in a world which allows us to catch a glimpse of things we’d never have been able to in years past? Just think – now you kind of know what the world looks like through the eyes of an eagle.

Amazing On-Board Video Of Eagle Soaring Over Dubai

[Image via Youtube]

SOURCE: Gizmodo