Are you excited about the upcoming Apple Watch? Or, are you more like me – you think it’s kind of neat, but aren’t really sure what all you’d do with a smartwatch? We know it’s not going to be cheap, with the least expensive Sport model beginning at $349, and the most expensive going for somewhere around $10,000. For that reason alone, it would be good to know if you’ll like the Apple Watch before you shell out all that money. Apple knows it’s a big decision for their customers, and that’s why they’re reportedly going to be setting up demo stations in Apple stores before the smartwatch is released.

Apple Stores Will Let You Try On Apple Watch For 15 Minutes

Beginning on April 10th, the stores will set up at least 10 “try-on” stations per store for people to come in and play around with the Apple Watch. Here’s the catch: they’ll only get to try it on for 15 minutes to make sure everyone gets through the line. (Yes, it’s almost guaranteed there’ll be a line. Probably a big one. Especially on April 10th).

You may not to get to try out everything you want before you purchase the watch though, as Apple employees will be assisting you. Customers will first be able to buy the Apple Watch on April 24th.

Are you excited about this new smartwatch, or do you think it’ll be Apple’s first big misstep? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Image via Engadget]