Being Apple’s CEO comes with a heck of a lot of money attached to it; Tim Cook reportedly is worth somewhere around $112 million and owns some stock which is worth about $665 million. And with the upcoming release of the Apple Watch, something tells me he could be worth quite a whole lot more. What would you even do with that much money? Take lots of vacations, own garages full of cars, own every piece of state-of-the-art technology money can buy, dine-out each and every night? I don’t really have any idea what all you or I would do with millions of dollars, but Tim Cook told the world in a recent interview with Fortune what he’d be doing with all of his millions of dollars; he’s going to give it away to charity.

Apple's Tim Cook To Donate All His Millions To Charity

In fact, apart from paying for his nephew’s college education, he states he’s going to give it all away. I don’t know much else about Tim Cook or his philosophy when it comes to running Apple, but he does have my respect for his philanthropy.

[Image via 9to5mac]

SOURCE: Engadget